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Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier

The Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier is intended for PWM solenoid current measurement applications where an average current measurement is desired. The Model SGC-200 is suited for general purpose measurement and monitoring applications.



Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier

The SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier provides two amplified voltage outputs proportional to the current sensed across an internal, non-inductive sense resistor. One output is an amplified voltage output allowing for current waveform pick-up and the other is a low-pass filtered voltage output which provides an average current of a pulsed load.  The filtered output can be used for any pulsed signal application such as actuators and small signal DC stepper motors.


  • current measurement of (PWM) pulsed solenoids and DC motors
  • industrial, commercial, and automotive component test and development
  • general purpose signal conditioner for current monitoring, data acquistion and control applications including PLC interface

Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier

  • two-outputs: unfiltered and low-pass filtered, filtered output provides a DC output proportional to average current, un-filtered output provides a voltage output waveform proportional to real-time current.
  • built-in, non-inductive, current sense resistor
  • signal conditioning unit, small form factor, screw-down terminals, DIN mountable
  • differential analog input buffer with +/- 100V common mode rejection
  • powered by 12V DC, isolated form output and measurement input
  • model SGC-200 with dipswitch selectable gain and low-pass filter cutoff settings, up to +/- 4A
  • model SGC-200A with fixed gain and low-pass filter for 0 to 2.5A applications
  • OEM versions available on request
  • warranty: guaranteed for 1 year for manufacturer defects
  • Order No.: SGC-200, SGC-200-DIN, SGC-200A, SGC-200A-DIN

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