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Model 500 Peak and Hold PWM Driver

The Model 500 Peak and Hold PWM Driver (also known as Pick and Hold PWM Driver) is intended for on/off solenoid control applications where reduction in power and coil heating is required.  The Model 500 is suited for solenoid control applications where a digital output from a PLC or PC data system is used.

The Model 500 uses timed peak and hold settings.  For curent controlled peak and hold, see the Model 805 Driver.

Model 500 PWM Driver / Controller

Model 500 Peak and Hold PWM Driver / Pick and Hold PWM Driver

Model 500 PWM Driver / Controller

  • applications:
    • power and heat reduction of any on/off coil based / operated device
    • example devices:  valves, actuators, solenoids, clutch coils, relays, DC motors,  LED's, DC lighting systems
    • extend coil life, protect coil burn-out
    • drive with any PLC or PC based control system with virtually any digital input signal or contact closure
    • easy to install in-line with existing solenoid control equipment
    • production / OEM equipment integration
  • cost efficient PWM Driver / Controller, tailored to industrial and OEM use
  • signal conditioner style unit, DIN rail mountable
  • Peak and PWM Duty Cycle Hold function:
    • initial full-on peak pulse
    • high frequency PWM hold output, provides sufficient power for solenoid engagement but with reduced overall power 
  • 2 rotary switch adjustments on front of unit, provides for stable and repeatable digital timing
  • adjustable peak (full-on) time from 5 msec to 5 sec
  • adjustable PWM duty cycle Hold from 90% to 15%
  • opto-isolated digital input or contact closure trigger
  • optional PWM hold disable feature allows for override of PWM hold during high load conditions
  • fuse protected output
  • input and output LED indicators
  • rugged construction, high quality PCB using surface mount technology, designed for industrial temperature range operation          (-40 deg C to +80 deg C)
  • very small form factor, 3.625 in. x 2.25 in. x 1 in.
  • warranty: guaranteed for 1 year for manufacturer defects
  • Order Numbers: PWMC-500, PWMC-500-DIN

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