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Model 205 PWM Controller/Driver

Model 205 PWM Controller/DriverThe Model 205 benchtop style PWM Controller is for general purpose solenoid drive applications, providing the highest level of functionality and accuracy.

  • applications
    • general purpose signal conditioner for industrial control
      • RS-232 to PWM
      • analog to PWM
    • engineering development of solenoid based products: valves, actuators, relays
    • durability / life cycle testing applications
  • precision digitally adjustable pulse width modulated square wave output generation, no pot adjustments that drift
  • operating frequency
    • 1 to 1,000 Hz (1 Hz resolution)
    • 1,000 to 10,000 Hz (50 Hz resolution)
    • 10,000 to 25,000 Hz (100 Hz resolution)
  • 0 to 100 % duty cycle output adjustable in 0.1% step resolution at all frequencies and operational modes
  • 3 output parameter control modes
    • manual, using built-in LCD / pushbutton interface
    • RS-232 interface
    • analog inputs control frequency, duty cycle, or both
  • low side drive output sinks up to 4A at 12V
  • operates from an external 9 to 24V DC power source
  • load may be powered by up to a 50V DC source
  • fuse protected output - uses industry standard 3AG fuse
  • opto-isolated digital input to enable / disable PWM output
  • in system programmable FLASH technology allows for field re-programming of controller via serial port for new features, upgrades, new releases, and customizations
  • warranty: 90 days for manufacturer defects
  • Order Number: PWMC-205 (see datasheet for available ordering options)

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Documents and Downloads

PDFPWMC205 Data Sheet Download PDF (PDF - 103KB)

PDFPWMC205 Installation Guide Download PDF (PDF - 82KB)

PDFPWMC205 Users Manual Download PDF (PDF - 394KB)

PDFAPM PWM Controller GUI / Windows Software Utility Download ZIP

PDFAPM PWM Controller Sequencing Software Utility (Windows) Download ZIP

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